I’ve heard the saying, “One is nearer to God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” I have found this to be true. After all, a garden is where life began, so it stands to reason that the lessons we learn from the garden can be translated to life-giving lessons in our own world. For some, gardening reminds us that what once seemed dead can live again, both in the earth and in our hearts.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to share your faith with friends and neighbors, but just haven’t seemed to know how to start the conversation. Friends Garden Party was established as a way to share the love of God with others in a fun, relational and non-threatening way.

Guests will have meaningful interaction, learn practical gardening tips, enjoy refreshments and hear a short inspirational message on God’s love that also ties into your love of gardening.

I want to help make your Friends Garden Party one of the most memorable gatherings ever held in your home, sharing my love and knowledge of gardening with you and your guests, as well as insight into how life in the garden reflects life here on earth.

When you register for a Friends Garden Party, you'll receive helpful tools, customized invitations, resource materials and personal guidance through the process. Perhaps you'd like to offer a follow-up bible study to help your friends and neighbors grow in their relationship with Christ.

I would love the opportunity to join you to celebrate friends, flowers and faith.

Tammy Borden

"I loved the inspirational sharing. It was a really creative way of explaining how to get to know God better." ~ Amber

"One of the most non-threatening, yet well shared ways to share the gospel message I've heard yet!" ~ Tracy

"My favorite part was the demonstration and the talk, and of course the food. Oh, and the garden walk! All of it!" ~ Kimberly

"I love asking questions about gardening from everyone - it's great to learn!" ~ Jennifer

"I just hosted a party and it was WONDERFUL!" ~ Julie

Tammy is also available to speak for:
   • Garden Clubs
   • Church Events
   • Women's Retreats
   • Conferences

Tammy has been an avid gardener and wildlife enthusiast for more than 20 years. She has taught numerous gardening classes, written articles for gardening organizations, presented at garden conferences and hosted a radio program on attracting backyard wildlife. Her years of experience and enthusiasm for God’s creation is contagious, and will help make your Friends Garden Party a meaningful, fun and memorable experience. She has also served in leadership in her church for more than 12 years, and speaks to various groups. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to inquire.


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